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Dear resident

Available today, the NHS COVID-19 app

We are asking our residents (16 years and over) to download the NHS COVID-19 app today – it’s the simplest way to help protect those we love and to keep Hampshire safe.

Download the NHS COVID-19 app to your smartphone from: and read on for more information

How the app will help in the fight against the pandemic

The NHS COVID-19 app is part of the large-scale coronavirus (COVID-19) testing and contact tracing programme called the NHS Test and Trace service.

The app will be used, alongside traditional contact tracing, to notify users if they come into contact with someone who later tests positive for coronavirus.

It’s the quickest way to find out whether you are at risk of coronavirus.

With the app you can:

·         check and report symptoms

·         order a coronavirus test

·         check-in to venues by scanning a QR code

·         keep up to date with the latest risk level of your postcode area

·         help the NHS trace individuals that may have coronavirus

·         access NHS advice on coronavirus and what to do if you feel unwell

·         use the app’s countdown timer if you self-isolate

Experts from the Government, Apple, Google and industry have helped to design, test and improve the app. The National Cyber Security Centre also checks that the app is safe and secure to use.

The app helps the NHS track the virus, not individuals. The app will not track you or your location. Instead your postcode district helps the app work out where the virus is spreading. Your postcode district is the first part of your postcode, which is common to about 8,000 other households. When you first download the app, you will be asked for your postcode district.

Other questions you may have, like how the app works, what technology it uses, and how your data is safe, are answered at: and

Cases are low in our county, but there is an upward trend. By downloading the app from you will be helping in the effort to stop the spread so we can keep our loved ones safe, and get back to doing the things we enjoy.

See Hampshire information and data:

The app will not hold any personal information about you or track your location and:

·         cannot be used to identify you

·         cannot be used to track you

·         cannot be used to check if you are self-isolating

·         cannot be used by law enforcement

·         The app does not have access to your phone contacts, or any other personal information held on your phone. This includes your name, contacts, email addresses or phone numbers, or the specific details of your phone. Your privacy and identity are secure.

·         The app uses “Bluetooth Low Energy” and will have minimal impact on your mobile phone battery, especially if you normally have Bluetooth enabled

·         When you download the app, you will be asked to submit a postcode district. This means that the first part of your postcode is shared with the NHS. A postcode district generally contains about 8,000 addresses, which means that your specific location cannot be identified.

·         For the NHS COVID-19 app to work, you will need the latest version of your phone’s operating system installed. For Apple phones, you will need versions 13.5 or higher. Android phones will need Marshmallow or version 6.0 or higher. For guidance on other phones and instructions on how to upgrade your operating system, go to “Common Questions” on the website at:

Download the NHS COVID-19 app to your smartphone from:

Please share this email with your family and friends, so they can download the app too. And, if they would like to sign up to receive our emails in future, they can subscribe at

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