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Council Information

Parish Council meetings, to which members of the public are always welcome to attend,  are held on the third Tuesday of the month. The agenda can be found the ‘Council Info’ tab on this website or in our noticeboard in the village centre.

The Planning Committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month, the Amenities Committee on the second, and the Full Council on the third. The Finance Committee meets every quarter.

Local Councillors

Michael Manley, Ted Jarvis, Jacqueline Lay (Chair of the Council), Nigel Linford, Tony Prince, Melissa Sheppard, Paul Simon, John Spinks.

Clerk to the council: Helen Klaassen

Information on Members’ Interests can be found on the NFDC website here.

District Councillors

Martyn Levitt, Richard Frampton.

County Councillor

Keith Mans